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The Mafro7s Tournament in Uganda

We are happy to announce that June 22, 2024, will see the much awaited Mafro Uganda 7s Tournament. This competition, which brings together teams from various backgrounds for an amazing rugby experience, promises to be an exciting display of ability, sportsmanship, and togetherness.

The Mafro Uganda 7s Tournament aims to foster the growth of rugby in a friendly yet competitive atmosphere while also celebrating the sport’s principles. It’s an occasion that not only showcases the athletes’ skill but also promotes teamwork and good sportsmanship.
Teams from different areas across different age groups will compete, enhancing the tournament’s excitement and diversity. It is anticipated that the participation of these teams would increase the intensity of the competition and make a major contribution to the event’s overall success.

We are pleased to announce that Mafro Sports, Gynacarlogist, QurbanNow, RES Sports, Bivayn StudiosJibu Water and the Uganda Rugby Union are the sponsors of the Mafro Uganda 7s Tournament. This event would not be possible without their kind contributions and dedication to the sport.

Mahmoud Gomda

CEO- Mafro Sports (courtesy image)

Mafro Sports CEO Mahmoud Gomda voiced his excitement for the occasion, adding, “We are thrilled to launch the Mafro Uganda 7s Tournament. This tournament celebrates the spirit of rugby and uses sport to unite communities rather than being only about competitiveness. We’re excited for a fantastic rugby day.”

The Mafro Uganda 7s Tournament, which will provide players and spectators with an amazing opportunity to interact with their favourite sport, is something we think will mark a significant turning point in the rugby calendar. Put June 22, 2024, on your calendars and come see us for an exciting day of rugby action.

Check our social media platforms for more details about the event. We hope to see you there as we celebrate rugby’s spirit together!